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Welcome to Sunnyvale Cat Clinic!

At Sunnyvale in Sunnyvale, we understand that cats' needs vary throughout their lives, from routine health care to urgent medical issues. That's why our veterinarians are here to help, no matter what life stage your cat is in.

Our comprehensive care for cats includes a thorough "head to toe" physical exam, wellness blood work, and a nutritional evaluation to ensure your cat's general well-being. We offer vaccines tailored to your cat's lifestyle, assessing the individual needs of each feline patient.

We recognize how stressful vet visits can be for cats, so we've created a clean, calm, and dog-free environment designed to make your cat feel comfortable and at ease during their visit. Trust Sunnyvale Cat Clinic to provide compassionate care for your feline friend.

Call us at (408) 736-8296 today, or request your cat's next appointment online!

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Sunnyvale Cat Clinic